1. Prepare seedlings

– Use nursery trays to seed. Nursery trays are usually made of porous materials, measuring 50 cm long, 35 cm wide, 5 cm high (with 50 holes / tray).

– Use cocopeat fiber and organic manure to make seed sowing price.

Coconut peat fiber: must be treated and eliminated tannin before planting. Treated by soaking and rinsing, the treatment time is 7-10 days (until waste water is clear ), it ready to plant.

– Organic manure: using compost or manure that has been decomposed. This manure has been diseases treated

The substrate: use cocopeat fiber to fill holes in the face of the tray, then proceed with sowing 1 seed / hole.

Picture: seedling in porous nursery tray

Picture: seedlings after 5 days

– Standard of seedlings: Nursing from 10 - 15 days, tree height of 12-15 cm, reaching 2-3 true leaves. Trees are healthy, not deformed, not crushed, tops grow well, there are no signs of pest infection.

2. Prepare the growing substrate

The substrate used is cocopeat fiber mixed with peat and fiber ratio suitable for each type of cropThe substrate used is cocopeat fiber mixed with peat and fiber ratio suitable for each type of crop.

Cocopeat fiber, before planting have to eliminate tannin. Use reservoirs to treat cocopeat fiber by soaking and rinsing, add full water in reservoirs in the morning, take all water out in the afternoon, processing time from 7-10 days (until waste water is clear), it ready to plant.


Picture: Reservoirs to treat cocopeat fiber

Picture: Cocopeat fiber after tannin processed

3. Planting and caring

* Planting trees: It should be planted in late afternoon, gently planting to avoid seedling damage, do not press too tight. After planting, irrigate water immediately to prevent wilting. Need to plant 5-10% back up same age seedlings to exchange. Planting and caring.

For planting plastic bags: plant 1 tree / bag

* Density, planting distance:

Dry season: planting double rows: row x row = 1.4 m, tree x tree = 40 cm, density: 2,500 - 2,700 trees / 1000 m2.

– Rainy season: planting double rows, tree x tree = 50 cm, row x row = 1.4 m, density: 2,200 - 2,500 trees / 1000 m2.

From 7-10 days after planting, have to check and plant again the dead plants.

Picture: Planting inside grow bag in nursery plant house

Picture: Planting by grow bag slab in nursery plant house

* Caring

– When growing for 7-10 days, start hanging string to secure trees, to the stage of flowering, pollinate with bees or manually pollinate for  trees:

Manual pollination: manually pollinating is to take male flower put over female flowers, pollinating them from early morning  before 9 a.m to ensure pollen grains are still alive.

Use Honey bees to pollinate, drop 1 box of Bee / 1000 m2 (Bee barrels have 3 bridges).

– Prune off low branches to create ventilation, limit pests and nutrient consumption.


Picture: Pruned top when plant reached 23-25 leaves

4. Harvest

Harvest the plants after planting about 45-65 days depending on type of plants. 

Picture: Cantaloupe meets harvest standards

Picture: Tomato meets harvest standards