Shipping Policy

1. Time and frame of delivery time:

Delivery time: supports delivery from Monday to Saturday weekly. Delivery time frame: from 8:00 to 17:00.

2. Receive goods:

The following cases are beyond the scope of's commitment to non-timely delivery:

+ You do not provide accurate and complete information during the order process.

+ repeatedly contact you by phone or email but not receive any feedback.

+ Delivered on  time to the delivery address has been fixed in advance with the customer but the customer is not ready to receive the goods.

+ Irresistible cases such as natural disasters, floods, traffic accidents ... or incidents that occur affecting the delivery and reception process

3. Shipping fee:

For orders that incur shipping charges, this fee will depend on the weight and volume of each product.

For orders requiring express shipping, the additional cost is charged by shipping agency.