Warranty Policy

During using time, if you encounter any problems or errors, customers can directly contact xoduahongphuc.com at Customer Service for assistance.

I/ Warranty:

Product warranty is: correcting technical problems caused by the manufacturer's fault, (only warranty for the grow bag product if not expanded)

II/ Regulations on warranty:

The product is warranted free of charge if the product has a warranty period calculated from the date of delivery and qualified for warranty.)

III/ Cases are not covered under warranty:

- The product has exceeded the warranty period written on the coupon or lost the Warranty Card.

- Packaging bags are torn, broken, glued or modified.

- The product is damaged by mechanical action such as soaked or flood, fire, natural disasters.

- The product has signs of damage caused by rat or insects.

- Using incorrectly direction

- Not fully paid according to agreement